The Adventure Begins | Our First RV Trip

Have you ever had the feeling that there’s got to be more to life? More than working to maintain temporary things, more than only seeing your kids on the weekends, and more than constantly trying to keep up? It is what spurred our decision to start this full time RV journey. And what prompted us to rent an RV and go on our first trip.

There is more to life than conquering mountains, than expending all of your efforts on achieving a singular goal without taking time for breath or to savor the view. Slow down. You are allowed to set up camp once in a while, to set yourself aside some time to renew your heart, to lie your head back in the soft grass, and marvel at the stars.- Beau Taplin

Slow down. Phew that’s hard to do, especially for us as mamas. It doesn’t seem possible, right?! Well in November of 2018 we decided to plan a camping trip for Thanksgiving. We were already going to be seeing family for Christmas and had no plans for Thanksgiving. We needed to slow down that’s for sure. So, we rented an RV, booked our site at Payson Campground & RV Resort and started packing.

We fell in love. With seeing the kids run and explore. With how simple this lifestyle is. With the time we were spending together. I knew in my heart this is what we were supposed to be doing.

When we came home we started researching RV living and planning out how we were going to make this happen. Granted, it hasn’t gone as planned but isn’t that always the case when God is involved? It always ends up better.

A few tips if you’re interested starting this lifestyle:

  • Rent an RV. I can’t express the importance of this enough. We rented a 21′ travel trailer. While we are all for tiny living, for a family of 5 looking to do this full time, we needed a bit more space! It also helps get you used to towing, which is another discussion in itself!!
  • YouTube. There are countless channels we watched and still watch. It is pretty much the only TV we watch. Plus it’s family friendly which is hard to come by these days! Our favorites include Less Junk More Journey, Keep Your Daydream, and Loftis Party of Six.
  • Enjoy the journey + start with what you have. This process of downsizing, moving, renting out our home, deciding what RV to buy, among so many other decisions can get overwhelming. Remember why you are choosing this in the first place and enjoy the journey.

Want to follow our journey as we are preparing for full time travel? We would love to help and inspire you to take your leap of faith!

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2 thoughts on “The Adventure Begins | Our First RV Trip

  1. Hi guys 🖐. Followed you out of there RV lot at the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. I started following you on YouTube. Good luck to you guys on your journey to full time Rving 👍🏼. We follow a lot of Rvers.

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