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When we got our RV I knew one of the first things I wanted to do was make it feel more like home. Unfortunately, most RVs still come with those dreaded valances (sorry if you love them they just aren’t my favorite!). At first we were going to refinish them with fabric but once we took them off I loved how much light was coming in. So we decided to attempt putting up curtains. Want to watch the video? Scroll to the end!

The first thing we did was take the valances off. Now, if you are new to RV life, this screwdriver will become your best friend. It’s called a Robertson screwdriver and has a square tip on it. I don’t know why they use them, but they do!

There are obviously holes where the valances were, so you could fill those in if you wanted. We didn’t do this since the curtains are covering them. We wanted to keep our roller shades, but the curtain rod didn’t have enough clearance to be able to pull them down so we used a piece of wood to add more space.

My husband just used scrap pieces of wood and painted them white to make them blend in more and screwed the curtain hardware to it. We used two curtain rods from Walmart that are $2.97 and two packs of rings that were $.98. RV curtains for less than $10!!

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